Travel Adventures

Crashing Sundance

photo by Craig Knight

Part One: Wanting Everything

On Tuesday I found myself in yet another conversation with an artist/intellectual I admired and felt inferior to. Trying to keep up, I went on and on about the projects I hoped to write and the travels I wanted to take. My friend Sean had brought me to this dinner for filmmakers accepted into the Slamdance Film Festival, and I was networking for…the sake of networking. I’m good at that part of the process. Adrian Belic, the gentleman with whom I was speaking, made the Academy Award nominated Documentary: “Genghis Blues”, and has been touring the world garnering awards with his latest doc: “Beyond the Call”.     Read More…


At the end of the story you will find links to lodging ideas, ski rental discounts, and restaurant recommendations

Mammoth Miscalculations

I thought I was a skier. My memory gave me the impression skiing was something I had done throughout my life and that I was reasonably skilled at it.  I always mark down ‘2’ under skiing if an acting form asks me my skill level for certain sports.  My skill level for every other sport is -1, so the skiing bubble always made me feel proud.  Therefore, when my friends decided to take a ski trip to Mammoth, I jumped on board immediately,

Read More…


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