Machine Guns in the Afternoon

One of my adventure stories from Russia was bought by the Travel Channel and published on their website:  Click below to read the full story:

Machine Guns in the Afternoon: Stephanie Carrie went to Russia to walk the streets that Gogol walked. She didn’t plan on practicing her language skills at gunpoint.



  1. Stephanie, I was just sent a link to your blog from my sister. I enjoyed this story so much! You managed to paint a picture that was so visually clear. Or maybe….it’s just that I took 3 trips to Russia to adopt my little girl and could picture the Soviet block apartment building in my head so clearly. Yet, I was perplexed at the notion that anyone in Russia would have a security alarm! Your house-host must have been wealthy!

    • Thanks for reading Valerie and for your kind post. I was a nanny for a little boy adopted from Russia when I lived in NYC. He was so wonderful and it was hard to think about what his life would have been like if his wonderful family hadn’t worked so hard to bring him home with them. I really admire you, your blog, & the work you have done to make it easier for people who want to open their homes and hearts to kids without families.

      I have no idea why Svetlana had a security alarm! She had been a professor of Sociology during the Soviet Union so perhaps her pension was better than most? But she was certainly not wealthy! Maybe in Kupchino it was a necessity. Her number stopped working a while back and I have not been able to contact her, otherwise i would ask her now.

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