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The real ART IN THE STREETS Exhibit

TREE man says: Take to the STREETS

The Real



Nice try, MOCA. You took the art and you took the history and you displayed it all fastidiously in your industrial-esque downtown warehouse. I went. I paid. I ooohhed and even aahhhed.

FAKE street inside the MUSEUM. I'm serious.

But I could have titled this post EXTRA EXTRA! MUSEUM STEALS ALL RELEVANCY OF ITS EXHIBIT,  because what were you missing MOCA?  What were you missing? That’s right. The street. Read More…

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Raw Meat in the Dumbwaiter: Red Lion Tavern, Silverlake

Raw meat in the Dumbwaiter:

Reasons to Like the Red Lion Tavern, Silverlake

Some people go to the Red Lion Tavern to escape the summer heat while enjoying their fountain laden, 2nd floor beer garden. Some people go to essen  the tasty German fare und trinken their renowned German Draft Beers.


I go because I want raw meat delivered to my table from a dumbwaiter. Where else could this happen? NOWHERE. Maybe Germany. But probably not. Read More…

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F*#k France – Corkbar Downtown

F*%k France!

Visit Corkbar Downtown

Pull the baguette out of your French-wine-loving-friend’s ass and smack them upside the head with it. Or better yet, smack them upside the head with the wine list from Corkbar, Downtown.

Judgement of Paris

Ever since the Judgement of Paris (that’s a thing, people), the world got OWNED by California wines.  They’re the best. Read More…

Extra! Extra!

Carbs Worth the ‘Weight’ (wa-wa) @ Porto’s Bakery-Burbank

Some of you were raised to think of carbs as the devil (Anyone else forced to eat Chicken for breakfast? No? Oh.) Some of you learned to fear them later. And some of you never had to worry about them because you have amazing metabolisms and I hate you. Ok I don’t hate you, but I don’t want to eat pizza with you. Ever.

Whatever category you are in, Porto’s Bakery in Burbank is a magical place where every carb calorie is worth it. Every pastery is moist, flavorful, unique and filled with love. LOVE! I TELL YOU! WHO COULD BLAME YOU FOR EATING THREE???!!!!

There is also FREE wifi! Lots of OUTLETS! Free parking! &  Huge free samples they give out in line. See? You don’t even have to BUY something to enjoy this place. But you should. Re: inspiring rags to riches family story of Bakery owners. Read More…

Hollywood Sightseeing Tour

Sneaky Little Yellow Bus

Hollywood Sightseeing Tours:


If you live in Los Angeles, the EPITOME of a shitty day is one in which you have to drive from WeHo to NoHo to Santa Monica and back. Add in Pasadena and I think I’d kill myself. But when Aunt Mabel and Cousin José come to town, they want to SIGHTSEE!!!!

Hollywood Sightseeing Tours

It was on Santa Monica Blvd in WeHo

Here is your solution: PUT THEM ON THIS BUS. For two to five hours, your relatives can enjoy what to you would be the worst day on Earth, but for them is a trip to Movie Magic Land’. Read More…

Obviously all the employees are hilarious. And sexy!

Mediocre Sushi, Award-Winning Bathroom*

There is nothing special about the sushi at WOW Bento and Roll.  NOTHING.

But if you’re hungry and in the area, this place is a decent choice because:

a) the sushi isn’t BAD. You’re not going to DIE.

These are your bathroom friends.

b) The bathroom is really freaky.  Not in an ‘Am I gonna get AIDS from this toilet seat? way’, but rather in a, ‘Did I accidentally just walk into a children’s dentist’s office?  way’ And we all love that kind of freaky. Read More…


It’s so Pretty I Almost Forgot I was Raping the Earth!

Tired of paying more at the pump? Sorry, no solutions here. But at least you can feel green and stylish while you’re filling up your Gas-Guzzling Earth-Killer at the BP Helio House Gas Station! That’s right folks. Before BP was causing internationally devastating oil spills, they built this chic LA gas station with a RECYCLED roof!!!?? Are you kidding me!? That’s SO GREEN! They should have brought this up when they were apologizing for their oilpocalypse! Read More…

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First Class Time Travel

First Class

Time Travel with American Airlines

You only get this view of the luxury TVs if you fork out the extra $2000

Through a bizarre series of events involving air miles, flight schedules, and over-protective mothers, I ended up flying FIRST CLASS to New Hampshire this Christmas.  I was a little worried that the luxury level would make me feel uncomfortable.  I’m not  a high roller. This was a fluke! And boy was I out of my element! I sure see why millionares shell out thousands for the extreme luxuries of the front of the plane.  Now you can too.

Read More…

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What the Heck is in Ojai?

Where the Heck am I?

What the Heck is in Ojai?

The day you and the garbage truck choose the exact same route for your morning run will be the day you realize it’s time to get out of LA.

Get Away.

If the beach or Griffith Park just aren’t far enough, I recommend a half-day trip to the mountains of Ojai, 2 1/2 hours outside LA.

Leave at 5am to beat the heat, then start your day of health and fitness right by grabbing a quick morning meal at the beautiful Ojai McDonalds. Read More…

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Bananas in a Bicycle: Malaysian Food in WeHo

"No, I'm Sorry. This is Malaysia".

Bananas in a Bicycle:

Malaysian Food in WeHo

You would think when you are about to spend a year in India, you would want your last meal Stateside to be a big juicy hamburger. Or perhaps a hot dog and apple pie? Not political scientist and food adventurist Alex Lee. He invited us to join him in his transition to the Eastern palate with a flavorful farewell dinner at Manja, Malaysian Cuisine in West Hollywood. Read More…

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