Stephanie Carrie is a writer, actor, and traveler living in Los Angeles.
She currently writes for the LA Weekly covering Web Series, Improv, and Art. Check out some of her articles HERE
Before committing to the life of a starving artist she was lucky enough to travel on four continents and grow her thirst for the open road. Now she fulfills this thirst with daily travels around LA and its environs with as many excursions to new states and cities as possible.

Stephanie was a Russian Major at NYU and spent a summer living in St. Petersburg and Moscow as well as a semester in Paris.  With the Tisch Scholars she was also able to travel through Ghana and Vietnam.  Her first big trip was moving to the USA from New Zealand when she was four.

If you live in the LA Area or are visiting LA, check out this blog and its archives for ideas of places to go and the funny stories that go with them.

Follow Stephanie on Twitter

Check out her Website:www.StephanieCarrie.com
And IMDB page


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