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Meat Lovers Open Vegan Cafe for All!- Elderberry on Sunset


Meat Lovers Open Vegan Cafe for All!

Elderberry on Sunset

Meet Doug. Doug is from South Jersey and loves hamburgers. He also cooks a mean vegan corn chowder.  It’s really good. It even has KALE in it, and it’s good.

Stop when you see VEGAN. Free Parking in Rear!!!

Why does Doug do this when he loves Big Macs so much?   #1) He’s helping his aunt out who just opened Elderberries, the new Vegan, Raw, and Gluten Free cafe/restaurant on Sunset and Curson.  #2) He’s good at it.

Acea's Book

Meet Acea. That’s Acea Spades Black to be exact. (His mom was a Motorhead fan) He just got a job at Elderberry. He has long hair, wears a Renaissance-esque fanny pack, and uses a feather to bookmark his place in his Fantasy novels. But he isn’t a vegan either, though “He tries”.

They let me try the Gazpacho, Goulash, and Corn Chowder because I write a BLOG.

And you know what? These are my kind of vegan chefs.  If you are vegan then DUH you can only eat VEGAN FOOD, no matter how bad it is.  But if you are NOT vegan and you still choose to eat something that’s vegan, then it must be pretty F&#$* good!

Want to know something else about this place? It’s beautiful.

Airy interior makes you feel ethereal and vegan.

It is light and airy, unlike a lot of dark ‘edgy’ coffee shops in town.  There are tons of huge tables with outlets next to each one so you can work.  

It’s a restaurant so they have salads, soups, a bunch of different burgers and gluten free pastries. Or you can just have a cup of Joe and sit there for three hours and no one will judge you. YOU ARE FREE TO BE YOU!

Good Coffee on a Board. Served with Oat Milk.

According to the regular I sat next to, they have great stand-up comedy on Friday nights on their little stage, run by comedian Rebecca O’Brien.

They also serve Intelligentsia coffee (for a bajillion dollars a cup, but at least you are saving the Gas $ of driving to Silverlake. Disregard this if you live in Silverlake). And they serve it to you on a wooden board. A WOODEN BOARD people. It’s like Little House on the Prarie.

The Vegan Cupcake I Will Throw At You

I had the BEST time  here yesterday and I am already going back again Thurs. I think I might become a regular. So say hi to me when you see me there, or I will throw a vegan cupcake at you.


Elderberries Green Cafe

7564 West Sunset Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90046-3413

Their Facebook Page w/info

“Elderberries”. Did your father smell of them? If you don’t get that, click here and learn something.

So many tables for happy typing or chatting.

Book n stuff

Acea and Doug at work

Rebecca O'Brien Stage and Shop Entrance



  1. Great post! I love your writing, plus this place looks like the coolest cafe ever.

  2. […] I like having meetings here w/people more than studying. For a great study place nearby check out: Elderberries on Sunset My favorite part about this place is that the staff all look like they just flew in from […]

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