Posted by: Tangled Web | March 31, 2012

You’re Shitting Me, There’s A Subway? Discovering the LA Metro

Hollywood & Highland Station

You’re Shitting Me, There’s a Subway?

Discovering the LA Metro

Need to get from Santa Monica to the Hollywood Hills in 20 minutes?  Want to go out drinking in West Hollywood then get home to Culver City without a DUI?  Just want to be greener in your travels around town?  Too bad.  The LA Metro can’t help you.

Two Stylish Metro Patrons

If you are lucky enough to live on one of the scarce metro lines in LA, and are tenacious enough to use it, then you may find a few ways to shape your life around metro use.  You’ll take that barista job near the Pershing Square station, you’ll make everyone meet you at a bar near the station at Hollywood and Vine, and you’ll always head home to your North Hollywood station by 11:30pm while the trains are still running.  WHAT!?  That last bit will never happen.  And so, you rarely use the metro at all.

Quirky Saying Art in Metro

Worse still, if you are a car-less worker living in East LA, trying to make it to your domestic service job in Bel Air, (someone a functioning Metro system could seriously benefit), you are completely out of luck.

Lets face it. It’s called the City of Angels because if you don’t want to be stuck in traffic, you better know how to f&$*ing fly.

Click on Me: Metro Map

As a novelty joyride on a Saturday afternoon, however, the metro can finally fulfill its purpose. Usefulness was not a priority for the LA metro, but promoting art was.  Since 1989, the Metro’s Art Department has commissioned over 300 artists to bedazzle the train-tracked tunnels beneath LA.

Kiwi Tourist with Old Fashioned Movie Camera

On your tour or your commute you may be lucky enough to see the 1930s film cameras, children’s paintings, quirky sayings, granite sculptures, or the freaky people suspended from the ceiling.  Free tours are offered the first Saturday and Sunday of every month. They last about 2 hours and don’t require reservations.

Freaky Falling/Flying? People Installation

Firestone Metro Station Mosaic

PS: If you’re too busy or lazy to actually get to the metro, HERE is a link to a quick video taking you through the art in some of the stations. 10 points to whoever can figure out the narrator’s accent. I’m voting Austrian.



  1. It was semi-convenient when I lived there if I needed to get to LAX. But it was about a mile walk to get to my station. I did a lot of walking without a car.

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