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Let cARTel Cart You Away

Let cARTel Cart You Away

On the patio of the Sound and Stage event with cARTel

On the patio of the Sound and Stage event with cARTel -photo by Justin Baker

This town is full of adventure: mountains to climb, oceans to swim, over-priced food trucks to chase. So here’s a new destination for the Angelino whose done it all: cARTel.  Anything cARTel is the place to be.

cARTel is a multi-media, multi-discipline production company that doesn’t just put on shows, they put on EXPERIENCES. Attending a cARTel event means every one of your senses will be engaged. You’ll be eating, drinking, laughing, crying, seeing, hearing, and touching their PRODUCTION.

El Sid (formerly an old-timey movie sound stage) set up to entertain guests at cARTel's even Sound/Stage as they dine and enjoy the live performance of an original radio play - photo by Justin Baker

I first experienced cARTel when I covered their FORTS exhibit for the LA Weekly. cARTel commissioned 10 local artists to create forts from their deepest childhood imaginings and build them, life size, at the Angel City Brewing Co. Downtown.

This teaser captures the crazy, joyful reverie that was this event:


On the night of the show they injected the space with a DJ,  lights, performers,  booze,  food trucks, fire pits, and painters birthing murals along the wall. You could wander the grounds for hours and there was still more to explore.

Guests explore the forts in newspaper hats. - photo by Justin Baker

More recently I attended their Sight and Sound live radio play experience at El Sid.  An original, modern radio play called Unplugged in the Amazon by Kit Steinkellner was recorded live in front of an audience while they dined on tapas, cheesecake and specialty cocktails mixed especially for the event.  

Lisa Bierman, Jack De Sena, and Shishir Kurup perform Unplugged in the Amazon at El Cid. - photo by Justin Baker

Many of the attendees as well as the staff and performers threw themselves into the experience, dressing in elegant 1920s speakeasy-esque garb.  El Sid itself used to be a soundstage for the movies of that era.  Everyone got a professional photo op before the show and free cheesecake afterward.

Our communal table at Sound/Stage at El Sid - photo by Justin Baker

If you like leaving the house and doing stuff, then cARTel should be on your radar.  Check them out at . Maybe you’re an artist looking for some likeminded fellows to create with. Maybe you have a date you met online that you’re trying to impress with your coolness. Whatever your reason, check out whatever cARTel is up to next. You won’t be disappointed.

Free Cheesecake

Upcoming events include BROKECHELLA, the Living Room Tours, and Clown Workshops.

You can also listen to Unplugged in the Amazon, the radio play recorded at El Cid HERE.

And here’s a trailer for BROKECHELLA:

*Oooo newsy type info from my LA Weekly interview:

cARTel (formerly Ahmisa Artists) was founded in 2008 by its executive and artistic director, Negin Singh, while she was finishing her undergrad degree at UCI. “It started with my frustrations with how hard it was to create art,” Singh explained, “You know, getting a space, getting the money together, getting the rights. By the time it’s sanctioned, you don’t even want to make it anymore. We said, let’s make what we want to make and make it right now. Great art comes from when you just can’t stop”

cARTel members L-R: Rachel Walker, Clr Brks, Negin Singh, Dan Halden, Laura Cheek and Peter Berube.



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