Posted by: Tangled Web | January 17, 2012

Mt. Disappointment doesn’t live up to it’s name!

Mt. Disappointment Doesn’t Live Up to It’s Name!

View from Mt. San Gabriel, the Mountain that shamed Mt. Disappointment

IE. This hike will not disappoint you. As long as you appreciate drama!

Towering above the Los Angeles skyline, Mt. Disappointment stands proud, despite it’s name.  In 1894, early surveyors saw the peak and believed it to be the tallest point in the San Gabriel Mountains.  They made the climb only to find that they were completely wrong.

It was pretty easy for them to walk five minutes over to the highest peak, The San Gabriel Peak, only 1/2 a mile away, but they were so pissed at themselves that they took out their anger on the first mountain, labeling it for all time MT. DISAPPOINTMENT.

Great views along the way

If you would like to pay homage to the second highest peak of the San Gabriel Mountains…and then walk five minutes over to the Highest Peak. Follow our footsteps!  Below are directions and then a picture tour of our hike including a panoramic video!

DIRECTIONS: From LA, take California 2 East into La Canada Flintridge. Continue on the 2 into the Angeles National Forest. You’ll be twisting and turning for a while. Turn right at Mount Wilson road. Continue past the little campground Red Box area. Turn right on the first paved rode you get to after this (about a minute and a half). Immediately on your right you’ll see a parking area.

If it’s all parked up just park on the main road. No one’s gonna tow you. Supposedly you have to have an Adventure Pass. You can buy one at “Jay’s Shell”, the gas station on the right when you get off the freeway at La Canada. It’s only $5.00 for a car for one day, or if you’re real optimistic about your outdoorsmanship, get the $30.00 year long pass.

This is the wrong way to go. The trail is actually to your left, up the mountain.

Oh. There's the trail! Right above the parking lot.


Nuclear Sized Pine Cones!

Fuck are you serious? Civilization?!

Beautiful flora


Make your way through dramatic landscape.

awww this tree is disappointed

Picnic! This is an example of yummy, easily carried snacks!


Picnic at the top of the world!

Want more hikes? Check out our adventurous hike up a river to The Bridge To Nowhere!



  1. Love it! Can’t wait to join you next time you hike it.

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