Posted by: Tangled Web | September 26, 2011

Don’t Forget Your Southern Belle – Chic-fil-A, Hollywood

Don’t Forget Your Southern Belle*

Chic-fil-A Hollywood

Don’t worry about what to order when visiting the first Hollywood Chic-fil-A on Sunset, worry about who to bring.  This much-hyped Georgian fast food chain is known for it’s chicken sandwiches and happy cow mascot.  But honestly, I would have ho-hummed over the meal I got there, if it wasn’t for one thing: My Southern Belle.

Kate is a Gentile Host Wherever You May Be Dining

What could have been a Guilt Ridden Calorie Fest became a Joyful Gourmet Event! No one will make you appreciate two pieces of bread, a fried chicken patty, and some pickles more than a lady who was grew up loving them.

There's Somethin' About Those Sandwiches

She’ll make sure you order the sweet tea and pick up some Polynesian Sauce for your fries. (Kate says it’s also especially good with the chicken tenders).  Split a shake as dessert for the full experience.


*A Southern Gentleman might do the trick, but I just bet Southern Belles have a special appreciation for Chic-fil-A  with a dear friend on a warm summer night that a man will just never understand. But if you’re a dude, now you know where to find the Southern Belle of your dreams. She’s in line at the Chic-fil-A.

Her Joy is Infectious!

A Southern Belle Always Has Her Parisol


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