Posted by: Tangled Web | September 12, 2011

The Coffee Commissary on Fairfax

The Coffee Commissary

com·mis·sar·y  Noun/ˈkäməˌserē/
 A store that sells food and drink to members of an organization

Sleek Sexy Snob Coffee

So what is the organization that the Coffee Commissary, located at the base of a modern apartment building in WeHo, sells to? I’d have to say:  Coffee Snobs. Of which I am one.  Or as we prefer to put it: People Interested in ‘Responsibly Good Coffee’ and Willing to Pay $4.00 for It.
At the Commissary, you can sip on the SIXTH BEST COFFEE IN THE WORLD (As ranked at the annual International Coffee Competition. Yep. That’s a thing.  Judged by people who received their BA in Coffee Tasting.  That’s a thing too.  And your  parents were pissed at you for majoring in Art History?!)

Happy Customer

Let me just say that the 6th best coffee in the world is pretty darn delicious and their iced latte is divine.  Definitely worth the $4.00.

The Commissary also has yummy pastries, muffins,  and supposedly also sells Extra Virgin Olive Oil Granola. I’ve never had it, but you can tell me how it is.  They also sell Coca Cola. Which is weird.

Responsible Coffee

Even a Blackboard Behind the Shelf

There is minimal seating and the seating they have is hard wood. No cozy fluffy reading corners here.  REAL COFFEE SNOBS LOVE HARD WOODEN STOOLS

Hard Wooden Slabs For Serious Coffee Drinkers

I like having meetings here w/people more than studying. For a great study place nearby check out: Elderberries on Sunset
My favorite part about this place is that the staff all look like they just flew in from Williamsburg, Brooklyn or the year 1865.

Vests! Skinny Ties!

They also have blackboards. Blackboards are just great. I love them. I’m willing to pay $4.00 for coffee if you have a blackboard.

Peruse Philosophy Books

Free wifi Free parking. Free inspirational philosophy books. Just kidding.

You have to pay for those. But you can peruse** them for free.

**Peruse is a word often used by Coffee Snobs

What's With the Coke?

Love & Lattes Go Together

6th Best Coffee In the World



  1. blackboards. awesome.

  2. Coke = Kids. Think of towing two 10 year old kids with you to get your coffee. Must carry something for the kids.

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