Posted by: Tangled Web | September 5, 2011

Fōnuts on 3rd- The Slightly Less Guilty Guilty Pleasure


The Slightly Less Guilty Guilty Pleasure

Don't Call Them Donuts

People are nuts for fōnuts. They are so nuts for fōnuts that you better get there before noon if you expect to snag a banana chocolate or chorizo cheddar one.
We arrived at 1pm  and they were sold out of everything except RUM, Chocolate Hazelnut, and Rosemary Olive Oil.  The place looked baren. The employees looked exhausted. They had been ravaged by  fōnut nuts since 9am.

We bought one of each kind…  And there in the tableless war-zone of the gluten-free bake shop, we became  fōnut nuts too.  BECAUSE THEY’RE DELICIOUS!

Tired chefs. Happy Customers

Know why they’re delicious?

#1) Because of the genius recipies of co-creators Waylynn Lucas and Nancy Truman,

#2) They are STILL BAD FOR YOU.  They’re just less bad for you. ie: baked not fried, no refined ingredients.

But if you still want to cut back on a few calories, Fōnuts has a solution. They provide: A BIG OL’  DANCE FLOOR and KICK ASS TUNES!

Just Dance the Calories Away

There’s No chairs, NO tables, at Fōnuts,  just wide open dancin’ space.  Chef Waylynn told us, “We like to change it up. Some days we play Johnny Cash, some days Led Zeplin”.   When we were there it was Hip Hop.


So pile your plate high with as many sumptuous Maple Bacon, Cinnamon Sugar, and Hawaiian fōnut as you can eat (or afford…whichever comes first). You’ll be fine, as long as you sweat off some of those gluten-free calories by bustin’ some moves on the dance floor.

Get There Early!

Stools for Relaxing after Dancing

ps: LAMILL coffee! $2.50! BARGAIN!  Fōnut $3.50 NOT SO MUCH BARGAIN, but like I said, they’re freakin’ delicious.

Sweeet Dance Floor! Use that Sugar!!

Rum and Rosemary Fonuts

Free 1 1/2 hour parking in back. That's a lot of dancing!


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