Posted by: Tangled Web | August 22, 2011

Pedestals for Strangers – The Curve/MOCA @ the Pacific Design Center & Miranda July

You. Me. And Everyone We Know.

Pedestals for Strangers

Discovering The Curve MOCA and Miranda July

Are you over anxious? Under loved? Over stimulated? Under funded? Over overwhelmed? Or under understood? Do you need a Burrbery think-bubble around your head?

Then Miranda July made Eleven Heavy Things for you.

Until October 23rd, 2011,  you and your friends can interact with Miranda’s eleven things  on the lawn outside the Pacific Design Center on Melrose.

If you are feeling hyper emotional  (or hyper allergic) that day, they might even make you cry.

If you are an atheist that day, they might make you think how we are all robots, programmed to follow the same roller coaster of emotional torment for no reason at all. Then you might cry too.

But crying is fun, and good for the skin. So go see this exhibit. It’s interactive for God’s sake. How fun is that?

And while you’re feeling poignant, pick up a copy of Miranda July’s short story collection: No One Belongs Here More than You , because it’s super good. It’s like you’re standing on twelve of these pedestals at once, balancing precariously above the Earth, and understanding everything as if for the first time.


It's true!




P.S. In addition to your trip to this exhibit (or after Oct 23rd, 2011) you can check out exquisitely designed, obscenely expensive furniture at the Pacific Design Center on week days, and bland depressing minimalist modern art made of trash at the The Curve/MOCA space behind the Design Center on weekends. It’s free..which is a little over-priced.

But the fountain outside is pretty.

Pretty Fountain, Expensive Furniture, Ugly Art

Don't you just wanna stick those orange cones into the windows?? No?

Enter if you dare. Or if you are bored. Or hot.

Absolutely Spectacular. Not. Stick w/Miranda July


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