Posted by: Tangled Web | August 9, 2011

The real ART IN THE STREETS Exhibit

TREE man says: Take to the STREETS

The Real



Nice try, MOCA. You took the art and you took the history and you displayed it all fastidiously in your industrial-esque downtown warehouse. I went. I paid. I ooohhed and even aahhhed.

FAKE street inside the MUSEUM. I'm serious.

But I could have titled this post EXTRA EXTRA! MUSEUM STEALS ALL RELEVANCY OF ITS EXHIBIT,  because what were you missing MOCA?  What were you missing? That’s right. The street.

If someone came in(from the street) with a bottle of spray paint and started arting it up on your pretty white industrial walls,

This woman would FREAK.

you’d have an anal-retentive art-curator freak out.

And your exhibit closed yesterday. What are the people to do without your bright flourescent lights and ‘faux dangerous alley ways’ to show them an artistic movement?  

crisp white walls surrounding elegantly placed street art. oooo ahhhhh

They must dare to park their car and wander……………..







The Comedy Travel Guide of Los Angeles Presents: The Real ART IN THE STREETS Exhibit

Our Route. : Melrose between Crescent Heights and La Brea.  

Recognize TREE man?

What if you touched the art at Moca? Shit would go down! ahem: that's Caleb Bacon of The Gentleman's Club Podcast:

I appreciate that they color coordinated the burka with the awning

Mixed media: stencil and free hand graffiti. This Graffiti art is thinking about graffiti art.

A woman riding an elephant riding a subway train holding a sword? yes please.

Background/Foreground collaboration

TREE man strikes again

This wall that had boasted great art a day earlier had JUST been painted grey. An improvement??? See the police officer at the end? Boooo!

Turns out the police officer and this artist just box at this gym together and he is actually a FAN of the street art and excited about the artist from Exit Through the Gift Shop who will be doing the next art piece on this wall....opps....

It's Like they KNEW I was coming....

Colorful truck in a Colorful neighborhood. It has an Opinion.

Max on Melrose

LA City Sponsored least they tried to make it look pretty

This could have been a beige electric eye sore, but instead....

Always wondered what the back looked like

Next to my ATM....


Examples of art on other walks: The LA River,  and SilverLake

fade out music


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