Posted by: Tangled Web | August 4, 2011

Raw Meat in the Dumbwaiter: Red Lion Tavern, Silverlake

Raw meat in the Dumbwaiter:

Reasons to Like the Red Lion Tavern, Silverlake

Some people go to the Red Lion Tavern to escape the summer heat while enjoying their fountain laden, 2nd floor beer garden. Some people go to essen  the tasty German fare und trinken their renowned German Draft Beers.


I go because I want raw meat delivered to my table from a dumbwaiter. Where else could this happen? NOWHERE. Maybe Germany. But probably not.

If you haven’t tried Steak Tartar yet, do it. :-0 But this place is GERMAN and that’s a FRENCH dish you say 

This food was just ASCENDING.

So what? It’s served in a DUMBWAITER.  That makes it better than French.

This is a great place to take your friends who are fans of Harold Pinter.  They can act out scenes from The Dumbwaiter and eat their Steak Tartar during the long Pinter Pauses.  

Read it

Sorry everyone in the world who is not a theater geek, you didn’t get that.

These people know how to serve Beer. They don’t know how to make a Manhattan. But why would they learn? They have a Dumbwaiter.

Dieses Manhattan ist schlecht!

The Red Lion Tavern
2366 Glendale Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90039

Happy Customers



  1. Hilarious! I totally want to go there now. Love your blog.

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