Posted by: Tangled Web | July 26, 2011

F*#k France – Corkbar Downtown

F*%k France!

Visit Corkbar Downtown

Pull the baguette out of your French-wine-loving-friend’s ass and smack them upside the head with it. Or better yet, smack them upside the head with the wine list from Corkbar, Downtown.

Judgement of Paris

Ever since the Judgement of Paris (that’s a thing, people), the world got OWNED by California wines.  They’re the best.

But in classic Hollywood fashion, their rise to the top turned them into the very snooty Sommeliers they were replacing. The irony!  Ever had a Napa tasting room employee laugh in your face because you couldn’t pronounce Viognier? I have. And it hurt.


Alternative? Corkbar. All California Wines. No pretense.  Corkbar prides itself on being laid back. So if you’re above the box-wine varietal but you still like to keep it cas’ (what is the abbreviation for casual?), this is the place for you.

Real people with Real Jobs

Their PRICES may not seem cas’ (I’ve decided that’s what it is),  but they make an effort for everyone w/Happy Hour Mon-Fri 3-7, and Test Kitchen Tuesdays where you can try out new apps for $2.00 each.  

Cheddar Cheese Gougeres = what happens if you blow up a Cheezit? Deliciousness

And if you have a job like a normal person and aren’t a vagrant blogger, then you can certainly afford their regular menu too.  I personally enjoyed the Jc cellars imposter 2008 & chappellet mountain cuvee 2008 (on the dime of someone with a real job).

Major Perks Not Highlighted on Corkbar’s Website

This wine glass fits an entire bottle of wine

#1: SO MUCH FREE PARKING! If you’ve ever seen this travel guide before you know I love free parking. All along Grand st. near 12th, are tons of meters that expire @6.

#2 Wine glasses as big as your head! Fun for pretending you are a hobbit.  Some people thing that’s fun.

Singles mixer ready to happen

#3  MOST UNIQUE PICK UP SPOT IN LA!  Corkbar architects (oh you smart smart wingmen) put the sink outside the bathroom so singles can get clean and co-mingle. Ideas: Smile at someone in the mirror. Depending on that goes, playfully flick them w/ water. Drunk people and a unisex sink? Brilliant.


403 W 12th St

Los Angeles, CA 90015

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