Posted by: Tangled Web | July 6, 2011

Mediocre Sushi, Award winning Bathroom- WOW Bento and Roll on Melrose

Obviously all the employees are hilarious. And sexy!

Mediocre Sushi, Award-Winning Bathroom*

There is nothing special about the sushi at WOW Bento and Roll.  NOTHING.

But if you’re hungry and in the area, this place is a decent choice because:

a) the sushi isn’t BAD. You’re not going to DIE.

These are your bathroom friends.

b) The bathroom is really freaky.  Not in an ‘Am I gonna get AIDS from this toilet seat? way’, but rather in a, ‘Did I accidentally just walk into a children’s dentist’s office?  way’ And we all love that kind of freaky.

View from Toilet

You can literally watch cartoons while you poop. Who wouldn’t want to eat sushi here? Invite all your friends!

Negative 100,000 points for their name, which was obviously derived from a foreign person shouting fire drill instructions. Sorry. That was racist.

More bathroom fun.

Plus 98,000 points for their understanding of LA laziness & parking mania. (see below)

WOW Bento and Roll 6803 Melrose Ave Los Angeles, CA 90038

*The bathroom did not win an award.


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