Posted by: Tangled Web | June 28, 2011

It’s So Pretty I Almost Forgot I Was Raping The Earth! – BP Gas Station on Olympic


It’s so Pretty I Almost Forgot I was Raping the Earth!

Tired of paying more at the pump? Sorry, no solutions here. But at least you can feel green and stylish while you’re filling up your Gas-Guzzling Earth-Killer at the BP Helio House Gas Station! That’s right folks. Before BP was causing internationally devastating oil spills, they built this chic LA gas station with a RECYCLED roof!!!?? Are you kidding me!? That’s SO GREEN! They should have brought this up when they were apologizing for their oilpocalypse!

Free Brochure Available on Premises!!!!!

Glibness aside, this sort of green architecture is a good thing.  Duh. Who doesn’t want buildings to have “rain water canopies that use the water for onsite irrigation”, and 90 solar panels on the roof making enough energy annually to power 2-3 homes?  If you don’t then you’re an asshole.

So come get some gas here sometime. Take a photo or two. Spill some oil and see how long it takes them to clean it up.

Recycled Wood Bathrooms. I'm Serious!

Other oddities to observe: The bathrooms are actually clean, so even if you don’t need gas, it’s a good place to pee.
The Helio House BP Gas Station
8770 W Olympic Blvd
Los Angeles, California 90035
(310) 855-9346

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