Posted by: Tangled Web | September 12, 2010

What the Heck is in Ojai?

Where the Heck am I?

What the Heck is in Ojai?

The day you and the garbage truck choose the exact same route for your morning run will be the day you realize it’s time to get out of LA.

Get Away.

If the beach or Griffith Park just aren’t far enough, I recommend a half-day trip to the mountains of Ojai, 2 1/2 hours outside LA.

Leave at 5am to beat the heat, then start your day of health and fitness right by grabbing a quick morning meal at the beautiful Ojai McDonalds.

I will conquer you, "forest".

Before leaving, look up random hikes labeled ‘Ojai’ on the internet and trust that the directions are actually correct. This way you can see such unexpected sights as the Rose Valley Work Camp surrounded by barbed wire and many lovely dirt roads that don’t lead anywhere.

I'm voting "Japanese Internment Camp", circa 1942?

Or if you lack an adventurous spirit, here are two hikes that I can personally confirm exist: the Rose Valley Waterfall Hike & the Piedra Blanca Hike.



Sulfer Springs

Unsolicited Advice: After you dunk your head in the Rose Valley Waterfall, your girlfriend will think you are brave and sexy and give you a kiss.

After you dunk your head in the Piedra Blanka Sulfer Springs, your girlfriend will think that you are stupid and gross and run away.

Finish burning off those McMuffin calories with a run across the Piedra Blanca Sandstone Rock Formations. Then drive back into town for a cool down walk.

If you forgot the bag with your regular clothes in it, don’t spend 20 minutes rummaging through your trunk cursing! Instead head to one of the many inexpensive thrift stores around town.

Ojai’s population is mostly elderly so the second hand stores are always well stocked!

Other highlights of downtown include Bart’s Books, an outside bookstore where you pay for used literature on the honor system (quaint!), and the Ojai Coffee Roasting Co., which isn’t half bad.

The Ojai Museum probably isn’t worth the $4.00 admission fee, but if you just peek your head in you can catch a glimpse of a taxidermied coyote and some fake rocks for free!

Finish off your half-day outing by going back up into the mountains for lunch at the Deer Lodge.  If you’re in the middle of watching Twin Peaks for the first time, this will be especially exciting.

Although Agent Cooper may not show up, the rustic interior is interesting and the locals are amusing.   We arrived right after they ran out of alligator, but the venison stuffed mushrooms were a delicious substitute.

meat stuffed fungi?

With your body exercised and your belly full, head on back to LA, that Smog filled City of Dreams.   If you time it right, you’ll have plenty of time to upload your pics to facebook, clean the sulfer off your boyfriend, and check the Los Feliz garbage truck schedule so you’ll never end up with wet newspaper in the face again.


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