Posted by: Tangled Web | June 22, 2010

Canters, Candles, & Mayor of the Sunset Strip

Canters, Candles & Mayor of the Sunset Strip

It’s 11pm. It’s your birthday. You just saw two movies you never thought you’d see in your life** and now you’re hanging out with your acquaintance/friend/future manager who enjoys enthralling you with confusing combinations of wisdom, condescension, and compliments.  Its intriguing, so what do you do next?

Thats Matzo not Hot Chocolate

You go to one of Hollywood’s landmark late night hangouts, of course: Canter’s Deli on Fairfax.

You want Matzo? They got it.

You want chicken strips? They got it.

You want to sneak in a slightly squashed peach and custard tart you’ve been carrying around in your car all day? You got it.

If your acquaintance/friend/future manager reveals that he is an alien life form and does not LIKE tart,

Peach Tart vs. Cupcake

then the kind waitress will bring out a BIRTHDAY CUPCAKE on the house without even scolding you for bringing in the afore mentioned contraband pastry. That’s good service.

So what else can you do at Canters other than enjoy the Hollywood history and increase your late night calorie count?  Practice surreptitious celebrity photography!

Despite his history, Rodney makes his only weekly DJ appearance Sundays 12am-3am on KROQ

That’s Rodney Bingenheimer next to my arm. –>

That night, I had no idea who Rodney was.  The well informed acquaintance/friend/future manager did. It wasn’t till two nights later when I watched George Hickenlooper’s documentary on Rodney’s life: “Mayor of the Sunset Strip”, that I felt the awe I should have felt when we first saw him all alone at the booth behind us.

Warning: This part gets a little meta. Rodney became famous for carousing with the famous and knowing talent when he saw it. He predicted who would become famous and drew his fame from helping them become so.  And there we are at Canters Famous Deli, the acquaintance/friend/future manager and I, both in the talent and fame business, admiring Rodney for being famous and for having the talent to recognize talent and to create fame.

Wash that one down with some matzo.


**Movies seen: Sex & the City 2 (horrid beyond all comprehension) and Killers (better than expected!) These movies were free because of being on the SAG Nominating Committee this year (bday gift from GOD). So if I have not made myself clear: we did not pay to see these movies.


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