Posted by: Tangled Web | June 13, 2010

Is Your Cat Gay? The New Counter Culture of Laguna Beach

Former Hippie Relaxes in Eco Art Chair

Is Your Cat Gay?

The New Counter Culture of Laguna Beach

It’s hard to keep your title as the Counter Culture Capitol of South Orange County when you’re also home to a reality TV show where teens pout for the camera  and spend too much money on shoes.

Peace Corps Anyone?

But Laguna Beach is doing its best to get back to its artist/activist roots in the world of hip couture and botox.

Goats are less controversial and more eco-friendly than migrant workers

The needs of the uber wealthy in these hills makes subversive action a little tougher,

but buying goats to clear the weeds and fire hazards on the mountainside below your six million dollar homes is both Eco Chic and slightly subversive! Oooh no migrant workers toiling for the ‘man’ here.

Scruffy artists and “colorful characters” used to wander Laguna’s shores, not unlike Santa Monica beach’s current ‘circus of life’.

Former Hippie Remembers Laguna's Infamous 'Greeter'

But the LB riff raff were a little TOO colorful for the current climate, so they were replaced with quaint statues in their memory and funky art meters meant to collect change for them.

Beach goers and Eco Art collectors can put their extra laundry money into the “Change for Change” meters, feel like a political activist, and not have to interact with anyone from a lower income bracket! Genius!

Insert Change, Relieve Guilt, Avoid the Homeless YAAAY!

You know the meter pictured is a “Change for the Homeless” meter because the actual parking meters in Laguna take credit car and are powered by solar panels.

It may seem that this former oasis of activism was only a mirage on the rich and rainless South Orange County Coast, but not everyone has given in.

The shop owners near the beach are still asking the progressive, provoking questions of the day.

I will leave you with a book that is a great example of the thought-provoking, generation-defining questions being asked in Laguna Beach today.


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