Posted by: Tangled Web | June 4, 2010

Life’s More Fun When You’re Breaking the Law: Drinks at the Edison, Downtown

Delinquent Drinker Tickles the Ivories

Life’s More Fun When You’re Breaking the Law:

Drinks Downtown at the Edison

Sure, it seems like a good idea to decriminalize marijuana,  but let’s think for a minute about the real consequences. What will happen to that smug little feeling you get that you and your friends are doing something ‘edgy’ and ‘cool’? Will you still feel subversive and hip when you’re buying your mary jane from the 7-11?

Temperance be Gone!

Here’s a modern day example. Grabbing a drink with friends is nice, but it lacks the adventure of the old days of prohibition.  Back then, not only did you get to experience the socially lubricating effects of drinking, you also got to have the rush from fueling your pheromones on forbidden fruit.

Bootlegged wine in a Museum corner

But don’t worry. You don’t have to take up crack to feel the illicit thrill of the days of yore. There’s a bar downtown that will transport you back in time to the 13 years of American Prohibition when surreptitious speakeasies sprung up like wells of delicious depravity across the country. It’s called The Edison.

It's not on.

In the bowels of the boiler room of 108 W. 2nd Street, guests become hedonistic hoodlams, sipping clandestine cocktails while mobs of police and Christian missionaries scour the streets above them trying to raid the fun.

Tinkerbell will get you wasted.

Elaborate candelabras crafted from old fashioned electric light bulbs blaze at the bars.  Stages, lounges and secret hide-aways populate this underground “Industrial Cathedral”, where the “green fairy” wheels her cart of absinthe between the boilers.

For a real 1930 feel, line up for the Edison Soup Kitchen,  Friday evening at 5pm.  Receive a buffalo nickel at the door to buy a cup of soup and small cheese sandwiches inside.  One 35 cent cocktail at the bar each.

Wear a hat. It's a good conversation starter.

And don’t forget to dress the part. The doorman is known for enforcing a strict dress code.  To enter the world of depravity, one must be dressed to the nines.


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