Posted by: Tangled Web | May 24, 2010

NYC Ex-Pat? Drink Your Sorrows Away at the Bowery, Hollywood

whaaat? Did I just get off at Essex and Delancy??!

NYC Ex-Pat?

Drink Your Road Rage Away at the Bowery, Hollywood

The warm weather! The movie biz! The clogged traffic and gang violence! Los Angeles’s unique attributes draw many an NYC convert to her sprawling, sun-drenched shores.

Bar interior, blackboard is to the right. Tin roof above. Subway tiles surrounding.

99.99% of the Silverlake livin’, comedy improvin’, thrift store clothes wearin’ crowd I hang with have all lived in the big apple at some point in their lives.

Is that Hollywood and Western?

If you too are an east coast Émigré and are missing the subway tiles and blackboard wine lists of home, then the Bowery Bar on Sunset and Vine is for you. Manhattan’s Lower East Side, where the Bowry’s namesake street can be found, used to be a tenement filled melting pot of immigrants, hoodlams and derelicts (kinda like Hollywood).

Beat that In n' Out.

Today it is a vibrant center of the NY food and music scene, hence the Hollywood Bowery’s fine fare of succulent bistro favorites including their famous Bowery Burger.

A Tony Award for Me? Yes I will Accept!

The Bowery is also a good destination  for foreign tourists who come to LA and realized they should have chosen New York. Bring a visiting friend and pretend you are Broadway actresses after a show.

Are you seriously talking like a valley girl in this NY bar? No 818-isms up in here!

Have the waiter take pictures of you emoting more and more deeply as you down glasses of featured wines from the bar.

Ok...I said we could be facebook friends, not that you could pass out on me!

If you want to add some extra NYC flair to the end of your night, take a trip down into the Sunset and Vine metro stop right around the corner! (CLICK HERE FOR TRAVELBUG REVIEW: YOU’RE SHITTING ME, THERE’S A METRO?)

The facade didn't last long. We really still are in lalaland.

Don’t get on the train though, chances are it doesn’t go anywhere near where you want to be. This is LA for God’s sake. I dare you to find some decent public transportation. And how exactly does one hail a cab?


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