Posted by: Tangled Web | May 18, 2010

This Aint no “Roll with a Hole”- Bagels by the Brooklyn Bagel Factory

Alone with a bagel @ 8am

This Aint no “Roll with a Hole”

When I rolled up to the Brooklyn Bagel Factory on Beverly and Alvarado last Sunday morning  I thought I had been duped.

Obviously this barren block of a building on a construction hazard of a street was some sort of bagel factory, not a store. Damn you google maps!   This couldn’t possibly be where I had been sent to pick up a dozen bagels for a group of hungry Voice Over Intensive students.

I wouldn't poke around here at night.

But it was. Turns out Seymour Friedman and his family have been making premium bagels for Los Angeles since1953. They serve the public (from their factory) as well as supply Canter’s Deli, Nate n’ Als, Factor’s and more with fresh bagels.

Sweet, Salty, Cheesy, Plain?

15 or so types of circular and oblong bread products are displayed at the counter while all around you are the sights and sounds of a bakery in motion. The walls are covered in family photos of the Friedmans and numerous baseball team snapshots.

Friedmans and Bagels: Image By Brian Davis Photography

The company prides themselves on the fact that their bagels are made the ‘traditional way’: Boiled before Baked. This led to the quote on their site “This is a real bagel, not a role with a hole”.  And I agree. My Everything Bagel was amazing.

Despite their old fashioned digs, the Factory’s website is incredibly high tech. Not only can you click on every bagel they make to see the ingredients, you can also see their history in pictures and watch an “IMAGE ESSAY” of how their bagels are made.

fresh bagels. vintage sign

So the next time you feel like an early morning jaunt to a sketchy area for bagels, this is your place.

P.S: This is not one stop shopping for breakfast. The lady at the counter warned me: Go somewhere else for coffee! These people know their bagels not their beans.

(click here for travelbug coffee reviews)

Family Photo Wall

Brooklyn Bagel Factory
2217 West Beverly Boulevard
Los Angeles CA 90057

6am-6pm 7 days a week


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