Posted by: Tangled Web | April 28, 2010

Kitchen 24: Bad Photos, Free Shots

The process of taking this photo lead to free shots. Read below.

Kitchen 24: Bad Photo
Free Shots

Not your average 24-Hour Diner

If you find yourself headed to The Complex, that sweat-soaked row of black box theaters on Sunset Blvd between Highland and Vine, then you may think you are out of luck when it comes to meeting up with friends before or after your artistic venture…

That area always struck me as a wasteland full of liquor stores, auto repair shops, and starving artists.

Smelly. Cheap. Real Artists.

But as I discovered this weekend, whether you need happy hour and a bite to eat after improv class, or a late night snack after your third show of the weekend, Kitchen 24 is surprisingly conveniently located near Hollywood’s Theater Row.  It’s  on Cahuenga, just below Hollywood.

Not Your Typical 24 Hour Diner

This place has all the perks of your typical diner: round the clock food, late night and early bird specials, daily cupcake flavors, a diner bar for coffee, etc. but it is also super classy. The chandeliers are made of utensils for god’s sake.

So next time you need need sustenance in Hollywood at any time of the day, check it out.

That Chandelier is Made of Utensils Yo!

Reasons to go to Happy Hour at Kitchen 24 on Sunday before your Theater Company meeting:

1) $5.00 apps, beer, and eccentric cocktails.

Kate says 'try the salad'.

2)The dining room is mellow at that time so you get better service.

3) You’re young and a ‘real artist’ so you’ll probably be getting naked in one of your scenes and you’ll need to loosen up first.

4) Everyones hungry at 5pm on Sunday. Sunday is a confusing eating day. I recommend the potato chip nachos with a side of guilt-balancing mixed vegetables.

Yet another bad photo showing off free stuff

5) If you ask the waiter to take a picture of you and your friend and he keeps taking blurry ones, he will get so embarrassed that he will bring you free shots on the house. i.e.:If he can’t take the ‘shot’, you get one free. Get it?*

*You may need to act ‘flirty’ and have a waiter of the opposite gender for this to work.



  1. You’re very funny. I like your blog 🙂

  2. K24 rocks and so do you.

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