Posted by: Tangled Web | April 19, 2010

The Sex Life of the Date…Compliment Your Coachella

It's OK, get turned on.

The Sex Life of the Date…

Compliment Your Coachella

Whether you are traveling to the Coachella Valley to attend the largest music festival in the world, hike around Joshua Tree, or just chill by the pool at your Palm Springs Motor Home Resort, a visit to Shield’s Independent Date Farm will be an indelible addition to your trip.

Date Shake. Fake Grass.

Order  one of their famous DATE MILKSHAKES (so so so so good!)

Then you can enjoy the gardens or settle down to watch founder Floyd Shields explain the intricacies of the ROMANCE AND SEX LIFE OF THE DATE in an hour long, ‘quaintly’ projected, 1950s documentary.

After cleaning your Motor Home lot's pool, a fresh date milkshake is a great way to cool off.

A great "Date Night" movie. Oh yea.

They have their own screening room, 108 seats! Bring all your friends, there will be plenty of seats available. Trust me.

Are you a fan of Costco samples? Well Shields has them beat by a mile.  The general store offers a buffet of free bites with no shower capped employee making sure you “just have one”.

Thats only 1/3 of the sample buffet!!

In fact they encourage you to sample away and offer a taste of almost every date they grow, five types of date bread, several date desserts, and a host of other candies.

Fun Fact: Did you know that different types of dates all grow on the same palm tree? Dates on the same plant all ripen differently, so the ‘types’ are separated by hand depending on color, sweetness, texture, etc.

They are serious about dates.

For more ‘sexy’ details about the date, you will just have to come see Floyd yourself.

Shields Date Garden

80225 US Highway 111

Indio, CA‎ -(760) 347-0996‎

The latest in desert fashion also sold here!

This place is hard to miss, so if you're in the area, head for the giant knight and the palm garden!

These ladies are ready for their date shakes


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