Posted by: Tangled Web | April 12, 2010

Griffith Park: The Activities you Never Thought Of

Activity #1: Pose as Living Modern Art. Stay frozen till someone walks by, then scare them.

Griffith Park:

The Activities you Never Thought Of

I spent two years living in Los Angeles and never once went to Griffith Park. I lived at the water’s edge and somehow the ‘mountains’ might as well have been the Urals.

Activity #2: See how many rolls it takes to get from the top to the bottom of the park.

Now I live right below Griffith, one of the largest metropolitan parks in the world, and I can’t believe I denied myself its beauty and bounty for so long.

Activity #3: Act out "Rebel Without a Cause" with James Dean's bust. If you don't know the move, just call him a 'chicken' and see if he flips out.

The Grove and Griffith Park should switch places. Then we could call it ‘Central Park’ and locals might actually visit.

You can do all the typical things in the park: hike, walk your dog, have a picnic, pee in the bushes.

Then there are the tourist attractions:  the Griffith Park Observatory where they filmed the famous scene in Rebel Without a Cause, the old trains of Travel Town (click for review), the vegan friendly snack cafe The Trails up Fern Dell Dr, and of course the LA ZOO.

Activity #4: Tumble Weed Rolling: I hear it's headed for the Olympics!

There are so many other activities to partake in, however, that i thought a little profile of the parks lesser known pastimes might boost attendance. So here are a few more ideas:

Activity #5: Act out Prospero's monologue from the Tempest. Rain storm required.

Activity #6: Tell your friends you know a 20 min hike, and instead take them on a 2 hour one. Then when they are stranded, try out your stand up comedy act!

Activity #7: Wear a bulky nylon sweat suit in a rainstorm and attempt becoming the first human balloon.



  1. Fantastically fabulous!

    • What stunning and sexy friends you have!

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