Posted by: Tangled Web | April 5, 2010

Root Beer in a Rocket: Rocket Fizz, Burbank

My Kind of Rocket

Root Beer in a Rocket:

Rocket Fizz, Burbank

You know what a good salt water taffy always makes me crave? A root beer. And you know where I like to drink root beer? A rocket.

Not one of those NASA rockets. I prefer the old fashioned, coin operated, tin replica. The type that jolts some extra fizz out of your soft drink.

Taffy Overload

And when I need a salt water taffy,a root beer, and a rocket, I head over to Rocket Fizz, an eclectic confectionary in Burbank on Magnolia.

Jack, one of the two owners, will gladly show you around.

Come meet Jack

He’ll even pose with his favorite items, which include the Blueberry Soda and the British Lion Bar (I second this pick: double wafers & caramel covered in chocolate. Yum). Like a Twix, only cooler. Because it’s British.

Don't Cry Brandon

"So what's the deal with airline food anyway..."

Brandon got a little overwhelmed when it came time to choose his Root Beer.  Rocket Fizz carries over 50 different kinds!  But he chose his favorite and felt so revived after a few sips that he decided to perform his stand-up act for Jack and the fellow customers. Nothing like a little Root Beer for inspiring great art.

Miles of Candy

If you’re a traditionalist, don’t worry.  Rocket Fizz still carries all your favorite candies.  But for more adventurous types, they also carry varieties from around the world and vintage or family owned confectionaries.  Like Lion Bars and Sifers Valomilks.  Try some Horehound Candy Drops. Remember those from Oregon Trail CD-Rom? Yea!

Free Pinball Out of Service Today

Too much sugar in your veins now? Get some of that energy out playing on the FREE PINBALL MACHINE!  Sometimes rambunctious patrons retire it for the day, but Jack will get it running again for you.

More Fun

And when you’ve exhausted the fun you can have indoors, there’s ‘More Fun’ outside on the back patio.

For you actors, this place is dangerously close to the Casting Director Workshop: Actors’ Key.  So if, like me, let your nerves drive you to crave sugar…you could be in trouble.

So whether you’re searching for a sugar coma, a placation of nerves, some hyperactive energy, or just to gain some weight, blast off to Rocket Fizz today.


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