Posted by: Tangled Web | March 23, 2010

An Ostrich Joy Ride down Mission Street, South Pasadena

An Ostrich Joy Ride down Mission Street, South Pasadena

Imagine, if you will, that the Cawston Ostrich Farm of South Pasadena were still in business. Why, I would pack my penny purse with a few shiny coins and catch the Gold Line Metro (the former Pacific Electric Pasadena Short Line) to Mission Street in South Pasadena, for a day of window shopping and an ostrich joy ride.

My ostrich would be waiting for me at the station. If you brought a group you could also get a wagon, but my preference would be bare back. Lucky for my ostrich, most of the exciting South Pasadena attractions are centered around the Mission metro, so there isn’t far to go.

Buster's Coffee and Ice Cream. Jump Spunky! Jump!

My first stop for Spunky (my nickname for my Ostrich) and me would be Buster’s Coffee and Ice Cream Shop right across the street from the metro. A nice tall cuppa joe for me, a grass and locust ice cream for Spunky.

Screen Doors Rock

I love the old screen door that Buster’s has, and their brick-walled upstairs with seating, wireless, and a tiled floor that reminds me of fruity pebbles cereal.

Spunky took this Picture

Next, I would jump back on Spunky and spur him along to Hodgson’s Antiques for a game of dress up. Hodgson’s has your typical old post cards, outfits, and troll dolls, with a cool record collection thrown in. Yoko’s Japanese antiques across the street is a little more inspiring.

Everyone knows ostriches like sparkly things, so next I would spur Spunky a few steps East to Zinnia’s, self-described as “A space for contagious creativity”.

Hours of Fun for Spunky

Your ostrich will have a fine time pecking through the baskets and bowls of beads and bedazzlement.  Quirky art pieces and fine scrap booking accoutrements sold here!

Look Spunky! Ironworks!

Spunky may be looking a little spent at this point, but give his feathers a fluff and make one more trot over to the Meridian Iron Works Museum where you can see old stuff made of iron and learn a little more about South Pasadena’s history.

Pretend this man is Spunky. Ostriches love free artisan bread.

Reward Spunky for his hard work with a trip to the Great Harvest Bread Co.  All you have to do is walk in, and they will immediately offer you and your ostrich some bread samples! No purchase necessary.  This is a cheap way to feed your bird.  I highly recommend tasting the spinach and feta bread or the cheddar garlic bread.  Hearty. mmmm.

Stephen wishes he had an Ostrich, but a theater is pretty good too.

Now, I know there aren’t really any ostriches in South Pasadena anymore, but there is a coming attracting that will definitely be worth checking out anyway: The South Pasadena Theater Workshop!


This new theater is currently being constructed just down the road from all the fun sights you experienced in this post.  Two veteran actors, Stephen Godwin and Sally Smythe are turning an old glass works factory into the theater of their dreams.  Check back in April for a review of their theater when the doors open!


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