Posted by: Tangled Web | March 22, 2010

Aliens Invade Fry’s Electronics, Burbank

Unexpected Customers

Aliens Invade

Fry’s Electronics,


I decided to go to Fry’s Electronics to pick up a new flash drive, some gum, and an HDMI cable.  Just a typical evening out with the bf at the discount electronics store.

We just wanted a Flash Drive

When we drove into the parking lot, we were slightly concerned to see that an enormous UFO had crashed into the front of the store.  There didn’t seem to be any structural damage to the building, though, and a failed space ship landing hardly seemed like a reason to cancel a shopping trip, so we went on in.

He Tried to Warn Us

A frozen young man at the front door should have tipped us off that something wasn’t quite Kosher in the electronic components department, but we were too busy discussing the benefits of flash vs. microSD to notice that we were now in grave danger. The aliens had invaded Fry’s Electronics!

We cut through the washing machine department to get to the Portable Electronics section when we were cut off by a mutant ant the size of a semi.  I ran one direction, my boyfriend ran in another, and all plans of purchasing a convenient memory storage unit were off.


My first idea was to hide in a washing machine, but then I remembered how good mutant ants are at doing laundry so I switched to plan B: the abandoned jeep.

Plan B

I managed to hide here for a while, hoping my boyfriend had made it out alive.  People milling around me seemed unconcerned with the alien invaders, which meant only one thing: they were actually aliens in disguise. I was surrounded!

Just when I thought all hope was lost and that my insides were going to end up splattered all along the candy shelf, I spotted a showdown that could save us all.  The little green men in space suits were fighting the enormous insects and winning.


I had no idea whose side the little green men were on, but when I saw the killer ant had fallen, I made a mad dash for the check out line. I could only hope the bf had made it there too. To my great joy I found that he had, and we joined the twenty or so other bruised and beaten Fry’s customers in the check out line.

Well Rounded Grad Student

Despite our near death experience, my well-rounded grad student boyfriend had managed to pick up some graph paper and a portable pull-up bar. What a guy. We vowed to start our work out routine tomorrow, and be ready for the aliens. Next time.

This Could be You

For your own Alien Adventure story, head over to Fry’s Electronics, Burbank. I hear Martian vs. Mutant Ant battle is still raging.

Fry’s Electronics

2311 North Hollywood Way

Burbank, CA 91505
(818) 526-8100


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