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Savior Sprinkles: Coming back to Cupcakes in Beverly Hills

Carefully Crafted Sprinkles Cupcakes

Savior Sprinkles: Coming Back to Cupcakes in Beverly Hills

I wasn’t into the whole cupcake craze.  I waited in line once at Magnolia Bakery in NYC…waited for 45 minutes in the cold.  When I was finally allowed to purchase my long-awaited dessert, what I got was a sugar slap-in-the-face with a dry cake-punch to follow.  Not livin’ up to the hype Magnolia.   I thought they’d ruined cupcake stores for me for good.

Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills

At the end of my childhood neighbor from New Zealand’s visit, we needed to kill the last few hours before her flight home, so we decided to do the Beverly Hills “walk & gawk”. You know, where you take your guest down Rodeo Drive and ogle the empty luxury stores and the bored & beautiful salespeople, while your friend exclaims, “It’s just like in the movies!!!!”.

The Outside of Sprinkles, Beverly Hills

We had just eaten at Real Food Daily (click for review) in Santa Monica and had a coffee at Funnel Mill (Click for Review) down the street, so we were craving a little sweet to top it off.  And there was Sprinkles, with a line down the block.

Oh no, I thought. You Magnolia of the West! You will not take my hard earned cash!  But the scent of sugar lured us towards the neon pink sign, and we found ourselves waiting in line in the unusually cold Los Angeles wind: waiting to be allowed to enter the shrine of the cupcake.

My Kiwi is at the end, next to the guy with a fear of lemon-coconut

The gentleman in front of us turned out to be a cupcake enthusiast. He spent 20 minutes ranting about his distaste for Sprinkles’ new lemon-coconut cupcake. He was very against this flavor pairing. When we finally made it in, we were awed by the minimalist OCD order of the space: each cupcake’s icing perfectly shaped, each person moving into the last person’s spot, “Soup Nazi” style.

Kiwi is overwhelmed by her choices in the Cupcake Shrine

The process took so long that we actually had to devour our dainty delicacies while racing down the 405 to LAX…but that didn’t stop us from appreciating the masterpieces we’d just purchased.  The icing of my vanilla milk chocolate cupcake was creamy enough to counteract its sweetness.  The cake below was crispy on the outer rim and moist and fluffy on the inside. Oh my God, this was a good cupcake.  My Kiwi ordered the lemon coconut one, I think just to spite our neighbor in line, and thoroughly enjoyed it.


Kiwi and I hugged good-bye at the Virgin America terminal, our mouths crusted with dried sugar, and swore to not let another 14 years go by before we saw each other again. I don’t know if they have cupcake shops in New Zealand, but if they do, I will be open minded enough to try one. Sprinkles brought me back from my cupcake exile, and made me a believer again.

Cupcakes on the Run

Cupcakes on the Run



  1. hahaha this was brilliantly told! Fabulous writing and it really was ‘just like in the movies’! Mmm, delicious cupcakes. Thanks so much for taking me there. ‘Mouths crusted with dried sugar’-lol!

    Kiwi xxx

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