Posted by: Tangled Web | March 12, 2010

Albino Lip Birth Mark: Ode to the Casbah Cafe, Silverlake

Casbah Cafe, Silverlake

Ode to the Casbah Cafe

Two Poems written in and about the Casbah Cafe, Silverlake:

Albino Lip Birth Mark: An Ode of Observation

Birthmark or Mustache?

Albino lip birth mark, or latte foam moustache?
Half eaten popover, shoved behind white teeth.
Dread lock ponytail in 1980s headphones,
Turban clad man pointing up.

Line of bespeckled customers, half tattooed in orange.
“Buenos dias,” morning-mother, carrying platters, fruit.
Sale on pom pom slippers and a closet full of robes, silk
Leggings in the Delft China style.

Chuck Taylor

Antique stained-glass lanterns holding eco-halogen light bulbs
Pot bellied teapot, napkin-shrouded to keep hot.
A rainbow of Chuck Taylors, scuffed from tapping toenails,
Pillows warming under your tush.

-seen 3/11/10 @ the Casbah Cafe on Sunset in Silverlake

A prose poem compiled of overheard conversations:


“We have to step….” “Did your sister go to your screening?” “Let me write that down.”
“AIDS thing.”

“That’s exactly what I’m saying.” “three times in conversation.” But I was like ‘yea’.”
“Segue In”

“The other night, that was good.” “Beverlywood.” “I love you.”
“I’m not saying…”, “Have a great trip.” “I’m not used to stimuli”

“And she just went down”, “Mentioned it”, “I’d be happy”
“Ow that hurt” “Got the courage”
“No sé

-overheard 3/11/10 in the Casbah Café on Sunset Blvd in Silverlake


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