Posted by: Tangled Web | March 9, 2010

Daily Detour: Time Travel Mart in Echo Park: “Whenever You Are, We’re Already Then”

Time Travel Mart in Echo Park

Time Travel Mart:

Whenever You Are, We’re Already Then

Sometimes you just need to buy a moustache from 1791. Or a donut from 1985. Where do you go when your mom says all she wants for her birthday is a worm hole? The Time Travel Mart in Echo Park.

Chris Browses Time Travel Booty

My boyfriend and I went down to the Travel Mart to buy a slushie for my great-great grand child. Unfortunately, the slushie machine was out of order. The sign said ‘Come Back Yesterday’, which would have been alright if the Time Travel Passport Office hadn’t been closed that day. Darn.

No Slushies in this Dimension

I found their wormholes well priced, however, at $2.99, and Chris browsed the Beards Through History sale and the Robot Toupees. The dinosaur eggs still needed a few more eons to ripen, but the prehistorically preserved milk was ready to go.

Wormholes Were in Stock

Turns out these time traveling entrepreneurs donate all their proceeds to 826LA, the non-profit writing program started by the infamous time traveler, pirate, and writer, Dave Eggers.

In fact the Time Travel Mart is just a front for the 826LA tutoring center where students ages 6-18 can come for after-school tutoring, workshops in creative and expository writing, and much much more.

Eclectic Era Dress

You can stop by the Time Travel Mart and buy some Dodo Chow and support 826LA’s great work in the future, or you can even volunteer at the center and help kids personally in the present.

Passport Office

If you want to be a volunteer tutor last week, however, you’ll have to wait for the Travel Mart Passport Office to open, as its difficult to get to yesteryear any other way.

Visit the Travel Mart online too!


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