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Capturing Champions in Century City: The Annenberg Space For Photography

Impressed Visitor

Capturing Champions: The Annenberg Space for Photography

Muhammed Ali vs. Cleveland Williams, 1960s - Neil Leifer

The current exhibit at the Annenberg Space for Photography is of Walter Iooss and Neil Leifer’s sports photography.  These men are known for capturing champions in portrait and in action. The exhibit ends March 7th, 2010, but the year-old Annenberg Museum is here to stay as the new destination for devouring the work of those who champion the art of ‘capturing’: great photographers.

Sexy Interior

Sexy Interior

The Annenberg Space is in the center of a ritzy business park in Century City near Fox Studios. The location itself will get you framing your own photos before you even before you go in.  You can probably take in the whole museum in an hour since the space of the space is small.  As if to make up for their lack of galleries to roam, they have a central space with dramatic music playing and screens showing a slideshow of photos for your viewing enjoyment.

"Key Toss" - 2010

Admission is free!  But don’t get too excited, parking isn’t.  Unlike the Getty’s horrendous parking-spot price tag of $15.00, Annenberg parking is only $3.50 for 3 hours and only $1.00 on Sunday.  Of course, they don’t have Picassos but whatever.

When you are done, take advantage of the dramatic outdoor scenery to reenact some of the photos you saw inside.

"Running Man" - 2010

If you catch the sports exhibit you too can capture rare moments of athletic fortitude on the lawn. As the Annenberg website states, I want you to admire “ the inner workings of aspiration and triumph” in ‘Key Toss’, the “tremendous strength coupled with consummate grace” of “Running Man”, and the great heights and depths of human experience condensed into single, stirring, revelatory frame in “Gymnast on a Wall”.

"Gymnast" -2010

Michael Jordan - by Walter Iooss

Unfortunately these last few masterpieces will not be on display at Annenberg, Museum, so you will have to settle for amateur snapshots like this one of Michael Jordan flying high above a parking lot painted blue, with his shadow perfectly captured to show his soaring form. Eh.

Annenberg Space for Photography

Century Park
2000 Avenue of the Stars, #10
Los Angeles, CA 90067

tel: 213.403.3000


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