Posted by: Tangled Web | March 5, 2010

Calling All Hipsters: Skylight Books, Los Feliz


Calling all Hipsters to Skylight Books

If you typed the word “Hipster” into every item listed would be carried in the Skylight Bookstore. …Ok I just did that and you actually mostly get panties, but you get my meaning.  Located on Vermont Blvd in Los Feliz (the Williamsburg of LA for you New Yorkers), Skylight Books could not be more perfectly situated.

Cat ignores toy in favor of Heart of Dryness

I love to go to Skylight Books to browse the ‘staff pics’, buy boxes of bizarre ‘thank you’ cards featuring stylish Japanese Teenagers, and play with the cat. Of course there is a cat. But he is not the slumbering mound of fluff  you would expect to find lazing in the window of the corner bookstore. He’s a feisty little devil.

Japanese Teenagers

He wants to play but not with you.  I tried dangling my scarf in front of him to catch his attention, but it wasn’t until I was engrossed in “American Nerd” by Benjamin Nugent that he perched near my scarf, pretended to stretch, then tried to make a getaway with my shroud in his teeth.  He didn’t get far, much to his chagrin.

Skylight books has the regular fiction, non fiction, & children’s sections, but it also boasts a series of more obscure categories.  The self-published magazine section for example.  You will find the more famous mags such as Found and The Believer, but there are also a series of serials printed on someone’s home computer.  Poems, grotesque drawings, musings on anarchy; take your pick.

There's a tree inside the shop

The arts section is so big that it needs its own store next door.  This addendum offers big coffee table photo books featuring pictures along the line of naked people standing in strip malls. It’s ironic. Duh.

Arty Addendum Next Door

There is also the compulsory French section. I never knew the demand was so high from French native speakers in Los Feliz that they had to provide a section for them, but I have a sneaking feeling that perhaps it just exists  because having a French section is cool.  Shocking, I know.

Los Feliz Hot Spot: Skylight Books. Open till 10pm oooo!

Everyone needs a French novel, though, to read in the local café in the hopes that it will intrigue someone enough to start a conversation…just hopefully not a French conversation.

They have yet to add an actual ‘Irony’ section yet, but I hear it’s on the way.

Check out Skylight books the next time you’re in Los Feliz and be sure to pick up a humorous or thought-provoking button at the register on your way out.  Mine says: “Reading is Sexy”.


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