Posted by: Tangled Web | March 3, 2010

Plants of Pain: Welcome to the Huntington Gardens, Pasadena

Huntington Gardens OF DEATH!

Vats of Poison &  Plants of Pain: Welcome to the Huntington Gardens

The Huntington Library and Gardens, located in Pasadena, may seem like an idyllic spot for you and the family to spend a lazy Sunday.  Sure, it’s lush and green and full of flowers.  The names of the gardens sound nice: Shakespeare Garden, Jungle Garden, Japanese Garden, Australia Garden. But hidden within these innocent monikers are traps of DEATH!

Plotting her Escape...

We were able to capture an innocent visitor plotting her escape this 207 acre Wonderland of Terror.  Her first route was through the Desert Garden. –>

Plants of Pain

She thought this was a wise choice as she had grown up in the desert and was aware of its wiles and undergrowth.  But she was thwarted by 5,000 species of cactus blocking her path!

Vat of Poison

A visit to the conservatory seems like fun…oh no! The most colorful flora of all turns out to hide a vat of poison in its bowels ready to devour the next bug (or child’s pinky) that passes its way.–>


Look at the residents running in fear.  They know what’s up. <—

Innocent Victim

This photo depicts our innocent visitor in the Japanese Garden after sipping some suspect lotus tea. Little does she know that beneath her circle hungry, captive Cyprinus Carpio.  Moments after this picture was taken she fell backward and was ripped limb by limb by the voracious monsters, never to be heard from again.

Cyprinus Carpio-Monsters of the Deep er Shallow

I’ll just stick to the Children’s Garden you say? Ha! That’s the worst of all.  If you venture in, make sure to take this map with you to help you navigate past the Volcano, Sonic Pool, Fog, Magnetic Sand, and Vortex.

Maze of Misery

Did I mention they actually house a plant called a “Corpse Flower“? I’m not even kidding.

Corpse Flower...I didn't even make that up

PS: The first Thursday of the month is always free.  See? They’re tricky how they lure you in.


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