Posted by: Tangled Web | March 1, 2010

LACMA Rewards Procrastinators, Mid-Wilshire


LACMA Rewards Procrastinators!

Perhaps you have a guest in town and you are planning an enlightening morning at the art museum for them, but it’s 11am and they are still asleep.  Grrrrr.

Do not fret.  Let them spend their day in bed, because when 5pm rolls around, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art becomes FREE!!!!!!

In N' Out

Monkey Procrastinator

If you accidentally leave the house early, drive around town for an hour trying to find them an In n’ Out Burger so they can experience a Los Angeles fast food original.  Then drive over to the museum and spend your last few minutes before 5pm communing with the outdoor modern sculptures.  Pretend you are a monkey. Or an Airplane.

Airplane Procrastinator

When they finally let you in, start off with some cheerful German Expressionism in the European wing.  For some reason, this is my favorite style…perhaps the drama?  Wander through some old favorites in the rest of the European painting gallery, then head over to modern American art and try to make sense of it.

German Expressionism

Egypt has a section, China, Korea, Latin Art, African Art, Islamic Art, Art of the Pacific.  What about Antartican art? I’m just saying, someone got gypped.  This is the largest museum in the Western United States…you’d think they could have given a shout out.

Not Fair

When you’ve tired yourself out wandering the halls of the great art of the world (minus Antarctica), make a final salute to your cheap evening of education and exercise by climbing the outdoor lamp post sculpture.

Tired Monkey

They are closed on Wednesdays because art needs its beauty sleep.

P.S: There is lots of free street parking on 6th St behind the museum.

Make Your Own Modern Art @ LACMA


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