Posted by: Tangled Web | February 26, 2010

Social Experiment-Seven Grand, Downtown Los Angeles

Social Experiment @ Seven Grand

Say your boyfriend’s 21 year old brother is visiting from his tiny liberal arts college in New England and you want to show him a good time.  He’s ready to transition from college frat party to the bar scene and wants to see which of his socializing skills still apply.  Your obvious choice would be a dive bar with a dance floor where he can do the “I’m bumping into you because I’m sooo drunk,& heeey you’re pretty cute” thing.  But instead you choose to throw him into the fire and head to Seven Grand.

I love this classy Downtown LA whiskey bar, but it is about as far from a college frat party as one can get.  Except maybe for the pool table.  The space has lots of little private corners  where your own party can convene along the hand-carved black walnut bar, but there is not too much space for mingling and bumping.  You can still meet people, but you gotta be suave.  This is the kind of places where you want to bring your own group of friends and pretend you’re spending the evening in a swanky hunting lodge together.

If you know a lot about whiskey, you could approach some confused looking ladies at the bar and help them order. (I don’t mean to be sexist & say that women don’t know whiskey…I’m just saying that you should choose some confused looking ones.  You can certainly choose confused looking men if you prefer).  Order them an Old Fashioned or a Whiskey Sour and watch their faces light up when they realize they can actually palate a scotch.  They will feel very ‘hard core’ and perhaps make out with you after.

Cute Hat Examples

If you’re a girl looking for a new friend, I advise wearing a stylish hat.  Men will make up bizarre sign language from across the room to complement you on it.  If you think they are cute, mouth ‘thanks’ back, & they will feel comfortable approaching you.  If you don’t, just give them a weird look and they will go away. Hopefully.  If they come up to you anyway and compliment you on your cool Australian accent…and you don’t have an Australian accent…you are in trouble.

P.S: Check the calendar for live music nights.

Old Fashioned Whiskey

P.P.S:  As I found out the hard way…most bars downtown say they are open until 2am…but they stop letting stragglers in at 1, so don’t be a night owl.



  1. Perhaps when you drink, you have an Australian (or more likely New Zealand) accent.

  2. I love hats, passionately. 🙂

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