Posted by: Tangled Web | February 25, 2010

Great Raw Fish near the Beach-Oyako Sushi, Santa Monica

(not actually served @ Oyako)

Great raw fish near the beach-Oyako Sushi

When I first tasted the Crispy Rice Specialty Roll at Oyako Sushi I knew I was going to be a repeat customer. The sweet red sauce combined with the spicy yellow paste, the fresh tuna, and that CRUNCH! Yummm.

When I learned that Oyako lets you bring your own beer/wine/bootleg whiskey etc. and doesn’t charge a corkage fee, I knew I was going to bring all my friends here.

Oyako Sushi, Main St., Santa Monica

And when I ordered the fried Crispy Rice dish, the fried Lobster Popcorn roll, and the fried Shrimp Crunchy Roll and tried to split all three with my boyfriend in one sitting, I knew I was going to throw up.

BUT I learned my lesson.  Now I stick to splitting the Crispy Rice and another non-fried delicious dish such as the Spicy Rainbow Roll or the Yellowtail & Chive Roll, and always leave satisfied.

Lipstick Roll, another fresh option

If you’re one of those non-carb people who is judging me for my fried crispy rice obsession, you can go ahead and order a vegetarian roll: Avocado, Cucumber, Mixed Green, Asparagus and Kobo wrapped in a cucumber instead of rice. Sounds like a walk on the bland side to me, but knowing Oyako, it’s probably delicious.

Oyako is located on Santa Monica’s Main Street, a few blocks over from the ocean…which always makes you feel better about eating raw fish.

Main Street, Santa Monica

WARNING: If you invite your outgoing actor friends and your boyfriend and his brother who are visiting LA to all come down to Oyako for some sushi and love, do NOT put your coveted Trader Joes wine bottle under the table for safe keeping.  Someone will kick it over & break it, and you will be very embarrassed.

Seaweed Salad

The staff will be really nice and still let you drink the other bottle your friend brought, but they will have to bring out the mop to clean up and make a big scene and you will be cringing into your seaweed salad.

If this should happen to you, just grin and bear it.  Soon, a little Crispy Rice and wine will help you forget the whole thing.


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