Posted by: Tangled Web | February 24, 2010

Get out Your Snugglies. It’s the Great Los Angeles Pillow Fight!!, Downtown, Los Angeles

Los Angeles Annual Pillowfight- photo courtesy of Bill Lascher:

Get out your Snugglies, Its’ the Great Los Angeles Pillow Fight!

Let’s face it: we all have a little pent up aggression.  When we were little we could throw that tantrum.  But now, in the elevator at work, in line at the grocery store, writing in a café, an all out screaming fit is frowned upon.  One day a year, however, you can take those 364 days of frustration and whack it out on the streets of LA.  With a pillow.


San Francisco Pillow Fight

I stumbled into the Annual San Francisco Pillow Fight a few weeks ago, conveniently scheduled for Valentines Day, and had a blast.  Hundreds of people turned out in the square by the ferry building and when they were through the place looked like a goose’s backside in winter.  Fluff and feathers everywhere.

I did my research and yes indeed, there is a Los Angeles equivalent.  There’s a website, a facebook page, everything.  These cats are organized.

Just bring your pillow (feather preferred), abide by the rules (no hitting those without pillows etc.) and fight to the death.  This year’s LA pillow fight will take place April 3rd, 2010 at 3pm in Pershing Square. Mark your calendars as I’m giving you extra super duper warning.

Observations:When my friends and I accidentally ended up at the SF pillowfight, we didn’t have any pillows. We assumed, of course, that enterprising teenagers or the like would have set up a pillow vending stall. Or at least be dealing pillows out of the back of a van.  NOTHING! So if you are smart, or you just happen to own a lot of pillows, I recommend you get your entrepreneurial self out there to Pershing Square the day of and start selling to passerby.  You would make a killing.

As it was, I had to run through the fight empty-handed, which wasn’t as fun because people tried to abide by the rules and not hit me.

Post Pillow Fight

Luckily some participants didn’t give a rats ass if you were armed or not & I got to experience at least half the fun.  Of course I would have preferred being able to whack back so in April you can bet I’ll be armed and ready.

*Thanks to Bill Lascher for the use of his photo:


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