Posted by: Tangled Web | February 23, 2010

A Manifestation of the Italian Stomach, Santa Monica

A Manifestation of the Italian Stomach: Bay Cities Italian Deli

At Bay Cities Italian Deli in Santa Monica (which is unfortunately located on Stinkin’ Lincoln between a Tile Shop and a Fabric Store) you will not only find some of the best Italian sub sandwiches in town, you will also discover hundreds of international options to help you create the perfect Italian feast.

Prosciutto..spelled so weird

As you walk the aisles, imagine you are forging your way down the chambers of a metaphorical Italian stomach that has just devoured a traditional Venetian nine course meal.

Pasta Aisle

For your Aperitivo pick up a Campari Soda or Cinzano vermouth in the beverage aisle.  For the Antipasto grab some salami or prosciutto at the end of the aisle near the register.

The hot pasta Primo, first course, can be made from scratch along the pasta & olive oil aisles or short-cuted at the deli counter.

Olive Oil Aisle

For the fresh fish Secondo, I recommend walking a few blocks to the Pacific and catching your own.  If you don’t own a fishing pole, I suggest substituting some pre-made chicken delight from the deli.  Be a subversive and choose the Greek salad for your Contorno ‘side dish’, the Italians always loved the Greeks, right?

Fromage Section...thats cheese in French.

No worries for the Formaggio course (figure that one out), there is a vast assortment of unpronounceable cheeses.  For some reason they carry a lot of Kinder Schokolade, German candy bars. They can be your Dolce.  Or if you would prefer, pick up some of those Italian wafer cookies.  Feel free to eat the whole bag, I always do.

Wafer Cookies

They do carry the next course, coffee, but seeing as you are just around the corner from Funnel Mill, you have no excuse but to go get some insanely good coffee there instead.

Now finally, float along one of the deli ‘digestive’ tracts to grab the Digestivo, everyone’s favorite sickly sweet brandy: Grappa

Happy Deli Customer

Happy Poor Boy Sandwich Eater

Or, if you’re fed up with this whole post…forget the whole mess and eat American style with a delicious Italian sandwich from the deli counter.  Order online or grab a number and bring War and Peace because these sandwiches are one in demand item.  Favorites include the ‘Poor Boy’ and the ‘Godmother’.

They are closed on Mondays because Italians do not eat on Mondays.


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