Posted by: Tangled Web | February 22, 2010

Get-ty your Daily Exercise @ The Getty Center, Brentwood

The Getty Center

Get-tyYour Daily Exercise @ The Getty Center

What better place to challenge yourself to a workout than among the artwork of the masters and the booty of the obscenely rich at the 24-acre Getty Center?

No Tram For You

The J. Paul Getty Museum is located in the Santa Monica Mountains.  A cushy tram is provided from the parking garage, but you are going to start your day right and say “NO!” to the tram and “YES!” a brisk uphill jog.

Les Iris by Van Gogh

You can reward yourself after this with a stroll through the Upper Level Painting Gallery and check out some Van Goghs and Rembrandts.

While the sun is still high in the sky, run a few ‘splash relays’ through the obstacle course of Richard Meier‘s modernist courtyard.

Obstacle Course

Then dry off with some people-watching-push- ups while overlooking the Garden Terrace Cafe.

Push Ups

If you need a break, wander through the Sculpture & Decorative arts exhibits on the Plaza level, and see some Illuminated Manuscripts while your at it.

Boy, did those monks have dedication to their work or what?

Race Track

Challenge yourself to the same work ethic and get back out into the gardens for some laps. 500 should do it.  That’s how many types of plant material were used in growing this living sculpture. Take a cool down walk through the Center for Photography on the terrace, then exit onto the Esplanade for some lunges.

Lunge Esplanade

Finally, reward your body with some Cobra yoga stretches, Ariel the Little Mermaid style, on one of the decorative rocks.

Yoga Cool Down Cobra

If the security guards haven’t arrested you by this point, then check the calendar and enjoy one of the many lectures or films the Getty offers.  Get your rest tonight. Tomorrow it’s Getty Villa Tae-Bo 2000!



  1. My uncle was there this past weekend, and he commented that most of the Getty’s patrons are beautiful women. You should take that as a compliment!

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