Posted by: Tangled Web | February 18, 2010

Jamie Lee Curtis Stole My Cupcake @ Every Picture Tells A Story, Santa Monica

Jamie Lee Curtis at Every Picture Tells a Story

Jamie Lee Curtis Stole My Cupcake

at Every Picture Tells A Story.

You may not know that Ms. Curtis writes children’s books. My favorite is called “Is There Really A Human Race”. The child in the story is confused. He thinks that the human race is a track meet where he has to beat other people and be faster and better than them. Ahhh the irony.

Red Velvet Cupcake

We were serving red velvet cupcakes at Jamie’s book signing/story-time at Every Picture Tells A Story, and the little munchkins had gobbled up all but one tasty treat. The cream cheese icing was kind of squashed in the middle of this remaining morsel, so I skirted the crowd around Jamie Lee and headed for the back room to devour the deformed sweet. But Jamie was too quick for me. She saw me sneaking and interrupted her speech on children’s literacy to sidle over and say,

Marvel Event at the Gallery

“Oh, for me? Well if you insist,” and gobbled my dessert for the smiling crowd. I winced out a grin as if it had all be planned, then slunk to the back to wash my empty tray, devoid of my nourishment and my pride.

But for the times when you are not coveting a Superstar’s sweet, I recommend Every Picture as one of the best shops in town to marvel, splurge, and browse.

"Dark Carnival" by Ray Bradbury

This art gallery/bookstore hosts the only LA collection of original children’s book Illustrator art and prints, as well as art from comic books, animated films, and select pieces by adult authors. Ray Bradbury recently unveiled his latest piece, “Dark Carnival” at Every Picture and appeared there for a print & book signing. Former astronaut Buzz Aldrin and famed director Werner Herzog also recently held signings there.

At Every Picture, you will be amazed by the emotional power the images from your childhood still have over you. To see a real Dr. Seuss sketch, an original Maurice Sendak, or a Garth William’s Charlotte in her web, and realize that someday you could own one, is a priceless experience.

In addition to the art, there is an eclectic collection of beautiful hard cover children’s books, as well as books for people of all ages.  You can cuddle up with your kid or a kid you borrow on the thick blue rug and read stories all afternoon. Don’t leave without a bouncy glitter ball or a set of French wooden letter blocks. Gorgeous gift wrapping comes free of charge.

Every holiday paints the gallery’s vintage shelves in new colors and quaint items. One of my favorite art pieces that appeared was a series of German encyclopedias that had been gutted except for images at varying depths that appeared, diorama style, through the glass covering of the preserved binding. I wish I had one to show you, but of course they all sold out.

Point being, every time you visit Every Picture, there is a new treasure to behold. So don’t miss an opportunity to stop by for a special event or an afternoon browse. And if Jamie’s there, watch your cupcakes!

Every Picture Tells a Story
1311 Montana Avenue,
Santa Monica, CA‎
(310) 451-2700‎




  1. YEA! Stephanie! I am so proud of you! I think you’re site is great and I am so glad you continue to write so often.

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