Posted by: Tangled Web | February 17, 2010

Laptop Leash it to Literati Cafe, Brentwood

Literati Cafe Dining Room

Laptop Leash it to Literati Café

Sick of feeling like an anti social recluse chained to your desk? Put your laptop on a leash and go mingle with the unemployed screenwriting masses for a bit.  If you’re on the west side, I recommend Literati Café on Bundy and Wilshire.


The large open dining room of this café/restaurant has the bright communal feeling of an upscale ski lodge in the summer.  The warm wood of the floor, chairs, and ceiling combine with the off white lighting to create a very friendly feel.

Can you find the cemented bookshelf/doorway in the back?

At Literati you can shape the environment to your needs. The many square tables are easy to push together into larger meeting spaces or pull into nooks and crannies where you can feel more private. File your tax return online nestled next to an intriguing cement filled doorway with a collage of book spines embedded within it.   Host a company meeting or birthday party with tables lined up in front of the looming fire place.  Or incessantly check your email & try to write a travel blog while oggling the black and white photos of famous faces and places that cover the walls.

Benefits of the Café/Restaurant deal:

Lasagna & Veggies

1) A lack of pressure to order anything more than tea, but the option to get a full on lasagnia dinner with veggies if you like.

2) No server coming by demanding, “Want anything else??”, but plenty of bus boys (and girls) to clean the table for you.

3) Good food AND good coffee.  The coffee is fair trade, grown in the rain forest, and very good…not Funnel Mill good, but good.

Mocha & Dessert Bars

I enjoy the Oolong tea, which you can order your own personal press pot of.  I also approve of the Lemon Dessert Bar.  They don’t have a very strong understanding of Tortilla soup, but their bisque-like version is actually really good.  The sandwiches are yummy too. Haven’t ordered that lasagna and veggies yet.  Let me know how it is.

Literati Cafe
12081 Wilshire Blvd.
Brentwood, California




  1. Mmm… Their flatbread pizza is so good!

  2. Gotta LOVE Literati. There’s no where else like it.

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