Posted by: Tangled Web | February 16, 2010

Be a Klutz/Matchmaker @ James Beach Bar, Venice

Be a Klutz/Matchmaker @ James Beach

Some bars make you feel like a cow on a meat packing rail car.  At a bar in San Francisco recently, it took such Herculean effort to squeeze myself into the establishment and onto one of the $600 vinyl vintage bar stools, that I lost all desire to engage with the squashed individuals around me. Not much of a night on the town.

But other bars are built for mingling.  They create an atmosphere that puts you in just enough proximity to people to gently bump them and start a conversation…or to drop your camera on their foot and make a new friend based on your own clumsiness.  James Beach in Venice is one of those bars. I have never had a dull time at this place & always meet someone new.

Bar: At night they clear the tables away for extra room. The patio is flanked by booths as well.

Through your camera dropping trick, you could end up meeting a trio of gentlemen who went to your college.  Share some fish tacos and play the “Did you know this person?” game until the bar closes at 2am. If they seem super super safe and nice…mention that you have two single female roommates who you would love to introduce them to.

Fabled Dining Room

Call and wake said roommates & tell them you are bringing over some cute eligible bachelors and recommend that they get dressed and set out the cookies they made earlier that day.  When the boys show up, entertain them late into the night (conservatively!) with cookies, polite conversation, and children’s books in foreign languages.  Who knows? Two of them could be together from that day on.

James Beach is supposedly a restaurant as well.  I’ve seen the white linen covered table cloths through the window over the bar, but I’ve never ventured there for an actual meal.  I bet it’s good.  I mean $17.00 carne asada lunch tacos better be freakin’ good.  So if you’re trying to impress someone you already know, check it out and let me know how it is.  You’ll find me pulling a Mr. Bean prat fall by the bar and making new friends.

Paul Rudd & Jason Segel at James Beach in "I Love You Man"

Weird Fact: Jason Seigel and Paul Rudd spend an enjoyable, taco filled ‘man-date’ at a bar table at James Beach in the move “I Love You Man” and apparently they loved the fish tacos


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