Posted by: Tangled Web | February 14, 2010

Dessert Delirium: Diddy Reese, Westwood

Dessert Delirium: Diddy Reese

Diddy Reese Ice Cream Sandwiches

Shakespeare’s Rosalind was wrong:  You can’t have too much of a good thing.

If you like cookies, and you like ice cream, imagine the uncontainable reverie of a huge scoop of ice cream nestled between two fresh scrumptious cookies.  Granted, this is not a new concept:  The first ice cream sandwich appeared in NYC around July 1900 and was referred to by the catchy title the “cream between”.

Old Fashioned Ice Cream Sandwich

But since 1983 Diddy Reese has been serving up a unique concoction: The Personalized Ice Cream Sandwich.

And its the best deal in town.  Choose from ten different types of fresh baked cookies (feel free to have different ones on the top and bottom) and from twelve flavors of Dreyers premium ice cream for your ‘cream’.  All for $1.50.  That’s cheaper than a freakin’ French Macaroon!

Line Outside Diddy Reese

You may get overwhelmed with joy in the moment, so practice before hand with their Virtual Ice Cream Sandwich Maker.

When I lived in Westwood, I had an attractive roommate who would go for a run and come back with a bag of Diddy Reese cookies.  I asked her if it was annoying to carry money with her while she ran but she said she didn’t’ have to.  One day she had run by and just gone in, all sweaty & sensual and asked for a cookie from the guys behind the counter.  They gave it to her and ever since, every time she ran by they would call out to her and offer her cookies.  I thought of bringing up that the calorie burning on her run probably didn’t even equal the number of cookies she ate after, but she was one of those perpetually skinny people for whom exercise is just another bragging right, so I shut up and finished my white chocolate and macadamia nut cookie. Mmmmm delicious.

Diddy Reese
926 broxton Avenue
Westwood, ca 90024



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