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Funnel Mill Rare Coffee and Tea:Land of Liquid Heaven, Santa Monica

Funnel Mill: Land of Liquid Heaven

Are you a coffee snob? Do you like rocking chairs?  What about waterfalls?  Or dreams coming true?   If the answer to any of these questions is ‘yes’, then you have to visit Funnel Mill.

This is not a ‘grab a cup of joe on your way to your cubical’ kind of place.  Funnel Mill is a chamber of liquid heaven whose ambiance deserves to be savored as much as its menu.  Two waterfalls and subtle zen music set the mood.  Take your pick from one of the sprawling leather sofas, rocking chairs, tall bar seats, orlarge wooden work tables.  There is space to type your latest screen play quietly on your laptop, hold a political debate meeting, or share an intimate pot of tea with a long lost love.  There is even an open area near the bathroom where you can rehearse your slapstick Nurse comedy scene for acting class where your friend slaps you and you collapse on top of each other fighting over a syringe.

Syphon Brewing

Coffee: Choose the bean you would like to experience today and the staff will brew you your own personal cup in a double glass chamber vacuum pot called a Syphon.  The fancy scientific methods used in Syphon Brewing result in coffee that is rich in body and flavor, almost like a great wine. There are over twenty single estate beans from around the world to choose from, or you can order a sampler.

Got too much money for your own good? This

Kopi Luwak...making Kopi Luwak

is one of the only places in LA where you can order a cup of Kopi Luwak -$73.50/cup. Kopi Luwak is made from Sumatra cherry beans that have been eaten, digested, and ‘passed’, by the Kopi Luwak creature.  No, this is not science fiction, its haute cuisine.

Tea: Funnel Mill offers over 30 types of world teas, and you won’t find a single ‘bag’ in the place. Their Chinese Pu-Erh tea has been aged for over 18 years!  Each tea is kept in a clay pot along the wall that you are welcome to sniff.  Tea is usually served with the traditional Chao Tao Tea ceremony that enhances the flavor and makes you feel tingly and special when it is all done for you.

Actors' Gang Fund Raiser @ Funnel Mill

Funnel Mill is closed on Sundays so that they can host events.  If you want to have a fund raiser for your theater company, retirement party for your uncle, or zen tea party baby shower, this is a great locale.  I can personally attest that you can set up a dj,

Friends hanging out at the coffee bar

jewelry boutique, tango dance floor, merchandise table, projector, and artisan snack rack, and raffle prize table with room to spare.  There is even a piano.

Funnel Mill is located between the high powered agency Innovative Artists, and a karate studio.  Therefore, when you manage to drag your eyes away from your delicious drink, you can be simultaneously entertained by spying on movie stars and watching kids beat the crap out of the furniture, much to their over caffeinated parents chagrin.

Owners: JC & Teresa, & Me

Funnel Mill of Santa Monica
930 Broadway, Ste A
Santa Monica, CA 90401
(310) 393 – 1617




  1. I love Funnel Mill to. Could use a cup of their healthy herbal today!

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