Posted by: Tangled Web | February 9, 2010

Fun Run in Los Feliz, and Cookies!

Fun Run in Los Feliz…& Cookies!

If you are looking for a good 5 mile run on the East side of LA, I recommend the little jaunt:

Start around the Vista Theater at Sunset & Hillhurst, or wherever you like and run up Hillhurst past such yummy distractions as The Alcove, Lucifer’s Pizza, and Brazilian Eatery: Tropicalia.

Turn right when you hit the hills @ Los Feliz Blvd.  There will be a gas station with painted murals of flowers and (bees?) surrounding it. Very artsy. Very Los Feliz.

Continue down the ‘mountain’, (If you pretend it’s a mountain it makes you feel more awesome) until you reach the fountain on the corner of Los Feliz Blvd and Riverside.  Circle around the fountain to the right (insert cartwheels in the grass as desired).

Continue on Riverside, with the Noir-esque  “Californian” sign looming to your right , and pass under the bridge.  There may be a homeless lady in a tent here but she seems pretty nice and has a sign in her cart that says ‘Homeless not Helpless’, so I say: go homeless lady! More power to ya!  Her tent is pretty swanky.

When you get to the gas station turn right up this steep path along Glendale Blvd.  It’s only steep for a few minutes, so from personal experience, I advise you that there is no need to groan loudly and attract attention from truckers at the gas station.

At the top of the hill, circle around the fire station to turn right on Rowena.  If you get the timing right, you might get to see some firemen working out next to their trucksand impress them with your sweaty brow and strong stride. Silver Lake Yoga will be on your left.

Continue on Rowena past Ivanhoe elementary school & Blaire’s Restaurant etc. Turn left at Hyperion and you’re on the home stretch.  DO NOT STOP FOR PINKBERRY!!!!!!!!!!

Now, if you are having a friend over for tea today, like I am, then you may have thought ahead and put $10.00 in your sports bra.  If so…and if you resisted the urge to give your $10.00 to Tent Lady back on Riverside, then you can dash into the Trader Joes on Hyperion to buy Maple Leaf Cookies for the tea.  This will save you time later in your day, with only minor embarrassment from sweatiness and sweaty money.

After purchase, exit left from TJs and continue in the same direction down Hyperion.  If you are holding an Ipod, it may be easier for you to balance the box of cookies in the same hand as the ipod while using your free hand to lunge you forward like an oar of sorts.  Another option is to balance the weight and have an ipod in one hand and the cookies in the other.  I find the former easier, though I tried both.

Ignore judgmental looks from passersby who think you are running home to eat all the Maple Leaf Cookies. You know you are not. Observe the indoor toilers working out at Body Builder’s Gym on the left.  Feel superior to them since you get to enjoy the nice day because you have a cool workout route, and they have to work out indoors next to some smelly stranger. And they paid money to do it! Haha.

Follow Hyperion as it curves to the right and becomes Fountain. I recommend switching to the side of the street next to the middle school unless the smell of car diesel turns you on.  Which is perfectly ok.

Climb your last hill up to the flower  shop whose marquis always reads “Spring Boquet” no matter what freaking month it is (?!?!?!). and turn right onto Sunset Blvd.  Your last points of interest will be KOCE studios and Tiki-Ti, the classic Hollywood Tropical Drink Bar.  They usually have their door open in the morning so you can peek your head inside.

Turn on the gas and run like a maniac from Tiki-Ti back up to The Vista…about 100 feet.  Take a cool down walk along leafy Sunset Dr. to your right, or treat yourself to a movie and a Maple Leaf Cookie.

Why not, you deserve it.

Here is a MAP of the actual route.


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