Posted by: Tangled Web | February 6, 2010

Daily Detour: Aaaaand Shavasana wins the race: Silver Lake Yoga

Aaaaand Shavasana Wins the Race: Silver Lake Yoga

If you are feeling woozy the next day after a night on the town and don’t think you can quite manage your regular exercise routine, there is always yoga.  Many people do yoga everyday and have excellent ‘practice’ and a strong ‘core’.  But some of us just visit the land of the yogi when we are feeling particularly stressed, tired, Zen, or hung over.

Being an intermittent yogi is fun because every time you go to a class you feel you are traveling to a foreign land where people fold themselves into human pretzels and rose scented incense wafts in the air.  The pretzel people have created a form of exercise that makes even normal standing positions incredibly painful, yet leaves you tingly, centered, and relaxed when it’s through.

Yoga Hoop Class

Hoop Class

If you are staying near or live on the East side of town, Silver Lake Yoga is a great option.  They offer classes all day, which is helpful if you’re planning at the last minute. All you have to do is show up in stretchy clothes and pay your $15.00/class or buy a series to get a discount.   They provide all the mats, blankets, puffy pillow things, hard blocks, and straps you need.  Some yoga places are warm and cozy, but Silverlake Yoga has an equally appealing bright, awake feel.  They offer prenatal classes, classes for kids, and a very intriguing ‘hoop’ class.  I also enjoy the cute toy yoga figurines on the window sills.

If you go to a beginner class, you may have co-founder Jonathan Emerson as your teacher. He is cheerful, informative, and wears short shorts.  He calls out movements with a calm but energetic pulse that is reminiscent of a horse track announcer.  “Whiiiiiiiile maintaining a 90-degree knee bend, HOlllllllllllld your arms parallel to the ground, Wiiiiith one forward and the other backkkkk. Hold for two minutes…one minute…thirty seconds…aaaaaand, twist your torso so that it faces forward”

Jonathan has a good sense of humor too.  As we stretched our hands behind our back from above and below he comforted, “If you can’t reach your left hand with your right one, don’t worry. That just means you’re not a spiritual as the rest of us”.


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