Posted by: Tangled Web | February 5, 2010

Dinner, Dancing, & Poles: Rush Street in Culver City

Rush Street Dining RoomDinner Dancing & Poles: RUSH STREET in CULVER CITY

Who knew attaching a thin cylinder of metal to the floor and ceiling in the middle of a room could cause such a craze? Gotta love the pole.

Rush City is a two story restaurant/bar with two dance floors (one equipped with pole) and a patio on the 2nd floor. This swanky spot is located in Downtown Culver City so there are lots of other restaurants and theaters to combine your evening experience with. Or you could plonk yourself down at Rush for a yummy bar-fare dinner at one of their huge booths or a table, then move on to the bar and finally upstairs to the dance floor when your inhibitions are down.

They serve lunch too, but it’s weird to dance on a pole by daylight. Happy Hour is Mon-Fri 5pm-7pm on the 2nd floor. Check out the website for pics, menus and more info.

PERK/WARNING: Their dirty grey goose vodka martinis are HUGE. Most places chargeRush Exterior you an outrageous $12.00 for a martini and give you a toy cup filled with liquor. Rush will still charge you an outrageous $13.00 but then they will give you $13.00 worth of booze.

Ordering and consuming the afore mentioned drink all yourself could end you up as the star of the Pole on the dance floor and win you many new male friends…or you could end up punching your friend’s brother because he wouldn’t dance with you, then be carted off by your friends to their house where you wake up dazed and nauseas on the couch the next day. Or, in my case, both.


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